jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017


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Hi there! How are you?

Today I'd like to make a comment about my favourite books and reading experiences. 

When I was seven I read Winnie the Witch for the first time. I enjoyed it a lot. It was so funny! Now I use it with my students, it's very enriching.

When I was nine years old, I read Harry Potter for the first time and I just loved it. That was the moment when I realized that I enjoyed science fiction so much. I love magic and fantastic characters.
When I read it in the teacher training college (in english), it was quite difficult for me to understand some things because of the "Harry Potter" specific vocabulary. 

In secondary school, my literature teacher gave us many books from the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I love the way he writes. He uses a technique called magic realism, which is the incorporation of fantastic or mythical elements into realistic fiction. It's really interesting.

I remember I read a novel last year in my summer holidays. It just blowed my mind! It is called "A Cry in the Night" by Mary Higgings Clark. It is not a science fiction story but it is amazing. It relates the story of a criminal case. My favourite part was the end because it is twisted. I love that!!!

To sum up, I love reading. Specially science fiction stories. I think reading is extremely important. Reading not only has tremendous power when it comes to fueling the development of all aspects of language ability, its importance to the entirety of a human life in this day and age really can’t be overstated. I think that we as teachers should find the suitable atmosphere when reading a book. Using concrete objects, changing the sitting arrangement, etc. 

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  1. Excellent post Belén!! I agree with your opinion as to the positive effects of reading!!