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If you happen to teach clothing items in class and you don't know how to deal with the topic, I will give some tips that I usually use and they work wonderfully.

  • In the first three lessons (two periods of 50 min per week) I introduce a book that I love: Winnie in Winter. It is a very useful resource and so enjoyable. I remember that when I was a kid my teacher used to tell us stories of Winnie and I have never forgotten them. I returned from school and re-read them over and over again. It's great to work clothing, seasons, furniture and parts of the house. We talk about What's Winnie wearing in winter? What is she wearing in summer? So that you introduce the verb wear. I normally ask the students to elicit some vocabulary related to Winnie's clothes in winter and then make the comparison with Winnie's clothes in summer. Seasons help them to make connections. (I implemented this activity with second and third graders)
  • If you happen to teach in kinder, as I do, you may also introduce this topic with a guided role-play of Little Red Riding Hood. I picked up some clothes at home (a red cloak, a shirt, glasses, a scarf and a head-band with pointed-ears) I played the role of the wolf. Some students played the roles of mum, grandma and the hunter. Before starting, we got dressed. As we were dressing up, I named the clothing items. After this, I just helped them with the dialogues which were very short and simple. We enjoyed it so much!!! After doing the role-play, we played "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?": The children sing this song while the wolf listens in the other corner of the classroom. After singing, they ask: "Mr. Wolf! Are you ready?" and the wolf answers: "No! I'm putting on my socks!" When the wolf is all dressed up, he is going to answer "Yes!" and try to catch some children who are going to be wolfs with the big bad wolf. They just LOVED it. It was really funny. You can also do this in primary. They're going to love it.
Well, that's all. I hope you find them as useful and funny as I did. See you around! :) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShE27Hst_NM (this is the link of the song "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?")

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  1. I had to teach it when I worked at Holy Spirit... I found a mannequin on the street and took it to the school, the kids put him a name and boom, they had a new friend to dress. It was headless, so I had to put a balloon on his neck to emulate a human head. His name was Pepeto. Such memories...
    Anyway, teaching clothing is, by far I think, one of the most entertaining topics to teach!

    1. Hahahaha what a good idea!!! so funny! the thing is... where can i find one of those?

  2. Nice ideas Belén! I also enjoyed the personal, emotional touch ;-)