jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Instructional sequence for introducing tasks

Step 1
Look at some images about food. Identify new words. Elicit some ideas and vocabulary.

Step 2
Students are going to watch a short video about the consequences of eating too much junk food and the benefits of eating healthily and keeping fit.

Step 3
They will skim a text with the information given in the video to have a general idea. Then, they will make a true or false to check comprehension. After this, they will scan the text to look for particular information (percentages and pieces of advice)

Step 4
In groups, they will make a chart with the different percentages given in the text. (E.g. 60% of teenagers are suffering from some kind of eating disorder). After this, they will discuss about the critical standards and how to deal with them at home (advice)

Step 5
They will listen to an interview of a famous athlete paying special attention to questions.
Elicit the questions done by the interviewer.

Step 6
Group work: Quiz: Student A plays the part of the interviewer. Student B plays the part of the athlete. Student A will have to make a series of questions in order to check how healthy this student is. Student C plays the role of the doctor who is going to give the student some piece of advice.

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